SBS Talks 2015

SBS Talks 2015

The ATM conference on new trends and innovations in the self-service sector attracted over 100 visitors from five countries to Salzburg

ATM conference SBS Talks 2015 - Review

On May 6, 2015, the SBS Talks 2015 took place in Salzburg. More than 100 attendees from five nations informed themselves about new trends and innovations in the ATM industry. On the eve before the conference day SBS demonstrates several ATM show-cases in its lab in Salzburg. The participants were able to perform ATM cash withdrawals with contactless cards or mobile phones on an ATM equipped with the SBS multivendor ATM application and NFC technology. Another showcase allowed to use a palm vein scan instead of a PIN entry to authorize the ATM transaction.

On the conference day the attendees enjoyed the following presentations:

The Exciting Evolution Of ATMs
Cash has been around for 2700 years and shows no signs of disappearing. ATMs are the prime delivery channel for cash and in his speech Ron Delnevo will look at how ATMs are evolving to answer the new demands of a fast-changing Financial Services Industry
Ron Delnevo, Executive Director ATMIA (ATM Industry Association) Europe

Windows 10 on ATMs
What are the benefits of using Windows 10 on ATMs and other self-service terminals? 
Eric Litowsky, Device Experience Team, Microsoft

Circulation of Euro Banknotes - Topical Issues
The circulation of euro banknotes between the national banks, the banknote handling machines and the client, the new euro 20 banknote of the ES2 and some other interesting issues concerning euro banknotes.
Niels Riedel, Principal Banknote Issue Expert, European Central Bank

VR-mobileCash - Cash via App
The new kind of cash withdrawal: with VR-mobileCash customers are able to withdraw cash on the ATM with their smartphones. Secure and without any hardware upgrade on the ATM.
Andreas Hohaus, Product Manager Self-Service, Fiducia IT AG

Debit Card Mobil
Mobile payments and mobile cash withdrawals based on NFC-technology
Harald Flatscher, Head of Business Development, PSA Payment Services Austria GmbH

Replacement of the Multivendor Application on 15,000 Self-Service Terminals at GAD
The customer of the bank only recognizes the new user interface optimized for touch screens, but behind that a big migration project was running: a report about the motivation and the goals of the project, the project scope, its progress and the lessons learnded during the migration to the SBS product KIXCustomer.
Hermann Kruse, Head of Self-Service and Cryptography Department, GAD eG
Michael Wilfling, Team leader Self-Service sytems, GAD eG

WWW, Who uses SBS products, hoW and Where are they used?
An overview of the comprehensive scope of SBS products and a preview on future developments.
Wolfgang Braunwieser, Managing Director, SBS


SBS supports Atruvia AG in bringing the first self-service systems with the LTSC 2021 operating system into productive operation

Success story since 1988

GBIC's first approval for NFC on ATMs for Girocard

Deploying security features without on site user intervention

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