First Self-Service Systems with LTSC 2021

First Self-Service Systems with LTSC 2021

SBS supports Atruvia AG in bringing the first self-service systems with the LTSC 2021 operating system into productive operation

Success Story

We are thrilled to have successfully supported Atruvia AG in bringing the first self-service systems with the LTSC 2021 operating system into productive operation in Europe. This milestone was made possible by careful preparation and our commitment as a technology leader in the industry.

The Projekt "MultipleOS"
We always keep an eye on the latest technological trends and the topic of future operating systems was the focus of our experts from an early stage. Formal preparations for the "MultipleOS" project began at the start of 2022. Our plan provides a phased approach for upgrading the operating systems of both new and existing self-service systems. This ensures that the upcoming challenges can be successfully overcome in 2026 when support for the Microsoft operating system currently in use (LTSC 2016) expires.

"The fundamental change in Microsoft's policies with regard to LTSC versions was the reason for a paradigm shift for us: we used to always deal with the operating system as late as possible, now we push to always use the latest LTSC version for new systems as quickly as possible. Why? Because we can then operate the new self-service systems for more than ten years without having to change PCs and, on the one hand, save time and effort with this approach and, on the other hand, migrate to the successor LTSC version via our deployment in a short time without having to make any PC hardware adjustments.(Hermann Kruse, Tribe Lead Omnichannel & Daily Banking / Tribe Self-Service, Atruvia AG, Original quote in German)

First Steps
The first stage of the project focused on upgrading the operating systems for new self-service systems. This involved implementing procedures for the new installation and remote reinstallation of systems with LTSC 2021. This enables our customers to use the latest LTSC operating system from Microsoft on their new self-service systems with immediate effect.

Project Challenges
Während der Vorarbeiten und Qualitätssicherungsmaßnahmen für das MultipleOS-Projekt mussten einige Hindernisse überwunden werden. Auffällig war insbesondere, dass einige Drittkomponenten noch nicht für LTSC 2021 vorbereitet waren. Aufgrund unserer frühzeitigen Vorbereitung, stellten wir diese Anforderung schon zu einem frühen Zeitpunkt fest. Die langjährige Erfahrung unseres SBS-Teams im Bereich Betriebssysteme und der Einsatz von Experten bei der Entwicklung geeigneter Verfahren zur Umstellung waren dabei von unschätzbarem Wert.

During our preparations and quality assurance measures for the MultipleOS project, we had to overcome a number of obstacles. In particular, it was noticeable that some third-party components were not yet prepared for LTSC 2021. Due to our early preparation, we identified this requirement at an early stage. The many years of experience of our SBS team in the field of operating systems and the involvement of experts in developing suitable procedures for this transition were invaluable.

Successful Implementation
We are proud to have supported Atruvia AG in being the first in Europe to put self-service systems with LTSC 2021 into operation.

Going forward, we will continue to work to ensure that our customers can always use the latest operating system. This will not only increase efficiency, but also offer the opportunity to save costs as hardware replacement will no longer be necessary in the lifecycle of a self-service device with MultipleOS. This once again underlines our commitment and technology leadership in the self-service systems industry.

Ready for the Future
The successful launch of self-service systems with LTSC 2021 in Europe marks a significant step forward in self-service technology and demonstrates that we are ready to tackle the challenges of the future and always offer our customers the best possible solutions.


SBS supports Atruvia AG in bringing the first self-service systems with the LTSC 2021 operating system into productive operation

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