Successful Windows 10 Migration

Successful Windows 10 Migration for PostFinance

We have successfully migrated all 1,000 postomats at PostFinance remotely and automatically to the Windows 10 operating system

Success Story

The success story continues. First a recap: in March 2019, SBS migrated all 5,400 ATMs from the Raiffeisen Banking Group Austria to Windows 10. In January 2020 all 23,000 ATMs from the Savings Banks (Sparkassen) and State Banks (Landesbanken) from Finanz Informatik in Germany were successfully migrated to the multivendor software KIXCustomer. Now SBS can report an exciting success in Switzerland thanks to the untiring efforts and close cooperation of all project members.

Starting Situation

PostFinance Ltd (a 100% owned subsidiary of Swiss Post Ltd) stands with the biggest financial institutions in Switzerland and operates almost 1,000 postomats in the country. The ATMs were still running the Windows POSReady2009 operating system and their manufacturer application. With the news of support ending for Windows POSReady2009, PostFinance knew it was time to migrate to a new software stack including a modern ATM operating system.

With KIXOperator Distributor, SBS offers a field-tested, mature product that can migrate thousands of ATMs completely remotely to the Windows 10 operating system in a relatively short amount of time. In addition, SBS has years of experience and is an expert in creating multivendor software solutions like the ATM Application KIXCustomer and the ATM Monitoring Solution KIXOperator.

The Project

During the PostFinance network migration to Windows 10, the Swiss company implemented a new application. They decided to use the SBS multivendor ATM Application KIXCustomer and combine it with the ATM Monitoring Solution KIXOperator. Their entire device pool of approximately 500 Glory CashStar ATMs, 480 Diebold Nixdorf ATMs (ProCash, CINEO) and 16 KEBA Recyclers (X6se) were migrated.

The first worldwide remote installation of the Glory CashStart ATMs proved to be especially challenging. The SBS’ expertise was able put the technical concerns to rest that Glory brought up. Thanks to the great cooperation with Glory Global Solutions in Switzerland, the whole network could be remotely migrated. Since then there have been multiple successful remote installations in subsequent releases.

PostFinance could reduce the duration of a rollout from multiple weeks (without an SBS product) to just one night at the quickest by using KIXOperator Distributor to install an entire network. Experience has shown the installation should usually be distributed throughout multiple days, especially when considering the amount of load in the network as well as assessing any risks.

Such a large amount of OS migrations in the field is only efficient if the installation is completely remote and automatic. Efficient software distribution, partitioning, complete reinstallations including operating systems and manufacturer platforms are the main cornerstones in our sophisticated solution KIXOperator Distributor. If, like PostFinance, an especially hardened Windows 10 is in operation, a huge step has been taken to a very secure and remotely maintained network.

Successful Project Completion

The postomat network migration to the SBS KIX platform, with the noted products, was completed in the middle of March 2020. The Covid-19 crisis highlights the extreme advantage of a modern ATM application with state-of-the-art device management, including remote software distribution: no more people are required on site for planned software deployments. That saves time and money while also keeping those involved safe from harm.


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