Successful switch to Windows 10

Successful switch to Windows 10 for the Raiffeisen Banking Group

SBS successfully migrated 5,400 self-service terminals entirely remote and automated to Windows 10

Success Story

Thanks to the great efforts of the project team and a diligent planning phase all 5,400 ATMs and non-cash self-service terminals of the Raiffeisen Banking Group in Austria have been smoothly migrated to Windows 10. The project was successfully finalized at the end of March 2019.

Preparation Phase and Objective

Years ago, the Raiffeisen Banking Group decided to switch to Windows 10 before the support for Windows POSReady 2009 expired. This decision allowed the Raiffeisen Banking Group to skip a migration of most of their self-service terminals devices to Windows 7. As part of the migration to Windows 10 all self-service terminals had to be standardized and modernized. A big part of the ATMs had to be equipped with NFC readers to allow clients to perform cash withdrawals or other self-service transactions by using their contactless cards or mobile phones.

Andreas Diemt, Product Manager, Raiffeisen Informatik GmbH
"Due to the timing, the Windows 10 migration of all self-service terminals was a critical project.
The switch happened without any problems, there was no negative or noticeable impact on the banks and their clients during the rollout."

About the Project

In February 2017, Raiffeisen Banking Group began to replace parts of the installed base by Windows 10-compatible ATMs. For models whose software components were no longer available for Windows POSReady 2009, Windows 7 was temporarily used. The partial use of Windows 7 didn‘t cause any problem to the well-engineered installation platform KIXOperator Distributor of SBS. KIXOperator Distributor allows to deliver pre-staged installation packages (operating system, XFS platform from the ATM manufacturer, SBS applications) to a central server. Ultimately, the packages can be transferred to the individual ATM by pressing a button on the KIXOperator screen. Afterwards the installation process starts automatically.

A particular focus during the migration to the new operating system was on improving the system security. For this purpose, SBS revised the concept for hardening the operating system. In parallel the SBS development team integrated full NFC support into the existing ATM application based on the SBS multivendor solution KIXCustomer.

Successful Implementation

A two-phased quality control process and extensive piloting contributed significantly to the success of the migration to Windows 10 and a flawless rollout in February and March 2019. At the end of March 2019, the Windows 10 migration project had been successfully completed.


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