SBS Talks 2011

SBS Talks 2011

The ATM conference on new trends and innovations in the self-service sector attracted over 130 visitors to Salzburg

ATM conference SBS Talks 2011 - Review

On May 26-27, 2011, the ATM conference "SBS Talks 2011" was held in Salzburg. More than 130 delegates from 9 different countries enjoyed exciting presentations about current topics in the ATM business. In the following section you can find a summary of these topics:

Statistical data about Cash Recycling and the Euro Cash Cycle
Wolfgang Braunwieser, SBS (with a little help from ECB)

Going green with remote ATM power switching
Andreas Hohaus, Fiducia IT AG

Gold To Go: the world's first gold vending ATM
Thomas Geissler, Ex Oriente Lux AG

Make it with SBS: KIXOperator Protector und KIXOperator Distributor:
Software distribution and security in a multi-vendor ATM network
Gerald Bayer, Raiffeisen Informatik

Make it with SBS: ATM application development based on SBS KIXXtensions
Patrick Zarda, ARZ

Gain benefits from an optimized ATM monitoring user interface Experiences of PayLife Bank's daily practice with an optimized monitoring for 1000+ ATMs
Harald Flatscher, Pay Life Bank

Impact and development of smartphone applications in the banking industry
Jens Herrmann, Fiducia IT AG

Security in Cash Logistics - Ink Technology
Peter Villiger, Villiger Security Solutions AG

Approval of PCI Compliance / New PCI Standard
Ralph Woern, Acertigo AG

Accelerate projects with Critical Chain Project Management
Wolfram Müller,

KIXOperator with integrated monitoring of digital video archive systems & cameras
Andreas Jeckel, SBS

"SBS at work"
Demo: cash withdrawals, cash deposits and coin deposits on several self-service terminals using the multi-vendor ATM application KIXCustomer
Demo: ATM monitoring, software distribution and protection with KIXOperator


SBS supports Atruvia AG in bringing the first self-service systems with the LTSC 2021 operating system into productive operation

Success story since 1988

GBIC's first approval for NFC on ATMs for Girocard

Deploying security features without on site user intervention

multivendor ATM management & monitoring solution