Release of the new 50 euro banknote

Release of the new 50 euro banknote

SBS ensures efficient processing of the new euro banknotes

Image: Ton Roos, Director of banknotes in the ECB, and Wolfgang Braunwieser, managing director of SBS

Start of the new 50 euro bankote

Since the introduction of the euro banknotes, the so-called Euro Series 2, SBS has been a member of the ECB's partner program, which aims to ensure the smooth processing of the new euro banknotes. SBS is testing the new Euro bank notes long before the official date of issue to ensure, that KIXCustomer, the multivendor ATM solution of SBS, pays in/out properly on SBS supported ATMs.

At the partner event on the 4th of April 2017 selected partners were invited to attend the official starting press conference with ECB president Mario Draghi. Additionally, there was the opportunity to join a tour through the ECB headquarter.


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