SBS increases market share in Kuwait to over 40 percent

SBS increases market share in Kuwait to over 40 percent

Nearly 1,000 self-service devices in Kuwait are being managed and monitored with our multivendor management and monitoring solution KIXOperator

KIXOperator successfully launched in Kuwait

Through many years of successful cooperation with our partner, SBS has succeeded in achieving a market share of 43.5% in Kuwait.

Since 2009, SBS has been working closely with a local partner to successfully implement projects in the Middle East.

A Kuwaiti company providing electronic banking services to banks in Kuwait contracted SBS through our partner to implement our vendor-neutral ATM monitoring solution KIXOperator to monitor the ATMs they operate. Meanwhile, 1,000 self-service devices in Kuwait are being monitored with KIXOperator.

Prior to the deployment of KIXOperator, Kuwaiti banks managed several hundred ATMs with different software tools. Additionally, transferring files to their ATM network was difficult due to these different tools. To make matters more problematic, these tools only supported one ATM vendor, which meant manually pulling information from other cash machines.

Izzet Ozan, EMEA Project Manager, Salzburger Banken Software

The rollout of the ATM monitoring solution KIXOperator to a large number of self-service terminals is a critical project. Thanks to our many years of experience and the cooperative partnership of all project members involved, the switch went smoothly and successfully.

Our partner, who is already familiar with the SBS product line, realized that the use of the multivendor ATM monitoring solution KIXOperator is the optimal solution for the Kuwaiti market.

KIXOperator supports over 140 self-service terminal models and has an install base of over 50,000 ATMs in Germany, Austria and several countries in the EMEA region. SBS products encompass the entire spectrum needed to operate modern ATM and other self-service device solutions.

The Kuwaiti national company requested some additional features that were finished in less than half a year. The features included monitoring the contents of each individual ATM cartridge, the e-Journal and bringing the ATM-webapp file transfer to the new UI.

The customer-oriented KIXOperator was delivered and installed quickly with no hassle in early 2018. The KIXOperator Agent is installed on each ATM supplying the central KIXOperator server with the required information to manage cash machines. The KIXOperator e-Journal shows a collection of all the relevant information sent from the ATM, including status information, issues and much more.

By supporting multivendor machines, KIXOperator can easily manage and monitor the ATM operator's fleet. It was integral for the Kuwaiti customer to have a central location for hundreds of ATMs allowing them to stay on top of so much information. File transfers are now easier than ever and can be delivered from the ATM to the webapp and vice versa with the click of a button.

The other software tools have since been removed in light of KIXOperator to create a cohesive product stack. Resources could be freed up and reapplied to other business critical areas.

We are grateful for the trust our customers and our partners in Kuwait continue to place in us to make their businesses run smoother. The successful distribution of our products to the arabian region is associated with promising opportunities and we look forward to many more projects.


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