KIXCustomer QR-Code transaction

KIXCustomer QR-Code transaction

The multivendor application offers optional virtual keypads

The money transfer transaction at the self-service terminal is still a very popular customer transaction. Admittedly the collection of transaction data is always a challenge. At the self-service terminal there is a possibility to enter these data manually on a keypad. But it takes quite a long time entering all data and mistakes can occur easily. Often the self-service terminal offers a possibility to scan the data of the money transfer from a prefilled standardized payment form and extract the required data from the scanned information directly at the self-service terminal. A disadvantage of this method is that only documents like a payment form can be processed and the character recognition can produce incorrect results especially if the payment form has been filled in manually.

Nowadays so called QR-Codes are used very often to transfer user-related data to machines (eg boarding terminals at the airport). An Austrian organization called STUZZA (Studiengesellschaft für Zusammenarbeit im Zahlungsverkehr GmbH) published specifications, which allow the generation of QR-Codes in a standardized form to use this technology also for bill payments. A self-service terminal with an integrated QR-Code reader can extract the transaction relevant data of the money transfer from the QR-Code. This process takes just a few seconds and therefore it is an appropriate method to upload the data of the money transfer, to visualize it to the customer on the display of the self-service terminal and to continue processing electronically.

ATM manufacturers typically are offering QR-Code readers as an optional component. So SBS has been enhancing the multivendor application KIXCustomer with the full integration of QR-Code readers. Yet another advantage of the QR-Code is, that it can be presented on a document of any size and does not require a standardized document like payment forms.

So it is an option to print the QR-Code directly on the invoice and thereby omit the payment form. A further positive effect is the possibility to open the QR-Code on the display of a smartphone and present it on the self-service terminal. To enable bill payments also on touchscreens the multivendor application KIXCustomer offers optional virtual keypads and no additional alphanumeric keyboard is required.

Activating these functions in KIXCustomer new transactions can be offered on ATMs equipped with a touchscreen. In combination with a QR-Code reader integrated in the ATM customers benefit from a convenient and rapid method of conducting money transfers or bill payments.


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