Integration of Cima AKTs Series AST-7000 to KIXPeripherals

Integration of Cima AKTs Series AST-7000 to KIXPeripherals

Integration of the automatic cash safes of the company Cima at the Raiffeisenverband Salzburg

There is also new information in the area of the KIXPeripherals platform developed by SBS for the bank counter and front office field. In spring 2019, the company Cima commissioned SBS to integrate the automatic safes (AKTs) of the AST-7000 series.

These devices are sold in Austria by the company Geldzähltechnik (GZT).

The Raiffeisenverband Salzburg - a long-standing customer of SBS - has already used KIXBranch (the predecessor of KIXPeripherals) to control the passbook printer but not to control the AKTs. Software from an-other manufacturer controlled the automatic safes. After the manufacturer terminated support for this software, the Raiffeisenverband Salzburg decided to operate the AKTs via the SBS software platform.

The integration of the Cima AKTs has been successfully completed and they can now also be operated via the uni-form, manufacturer neutral KIXPeripherals API (fully available as a WebSockets API).

The Cima AKTs can be configured in such a way that unfit and suspected counterfeit banknotes are sorted into a specially designed roll storage and meet the ECB requirements for fitness checking and recirculation of the processed banknotes.

Picture: © Cima, AKT Serie AST-7000.


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